Talent Management

Successful organizations cultivate and retain top talent. Oracle Talent Management Cloud gives you the tools to master every stage of the talent lifecycle, from acquiring the right people to nurturing their growth and development and managing their succession.



Candidate Experience

Provide a compelling, candidate-centric experience with CRM and sourcing campaigns.


Comprehensive Recruiting

Recruit, screen, interview, generate offers, and hire efficiently and collaboratively.


Innovative Design

Leverage leading-edge technology to scale recruiter activities and make data-driven decisions.




Embedded and Contextual Learning

Access just-in-time content that is embedded in the business processes.


Collaborative, Social Learning

Connect and share content with peers or subordinates.


Targeted Training

Establish curriculum for mentoring programs, rotational assignments, or other training programs based on company needs.


Real-Time Progress Tracking

Enable managers and learning and development experts to gain immediate insight into course completion and compliance tracking.




End-to-End Compensation Management

Analyze, model, budget, and administer an unlimited number of compensation plans locally and across the globe.


Total Compensation

Give your executives, managers, and employees a deeper understanding of all compensation activity, including base pay, incentives, and equity awards.


Pay for Performance

Reinforce a pay-for-performance culture by incorporating ratings, goal attainment, and other metrics into compensation calculations.


Complete Configuration

Quickly translate strategy into delivery by modeling and rolling out compensation plans that meet changing business needs.


Career and Succession


Talent Profile

Know your talent’s interests, skills, and gaps, and leverage system suggestions for development goals and career planning.


Career Development

Provide employees and managers with tools to look for new employee roles and growth.


Talent Review

Assess and optimize your talent pool with an interactive tool that supports leaders in managing an end-to-end talent lifecycle.


Succession Management

Ensure your best talent is in line for future leadership and critical roles.


Performance Management


Goal Management

Empower employees to set and share meaningful goals and track progress on an ongoing basis.


Performance Management

Capture formal and informal feedback from multiple sources to provide a rich, well-rounded portrait of employees.