Order Management App

A Cloud Mobile solution designed by Sales Reps for Sales Reps to work better in mobility. It helps your Sales Reps spend more time on selling instead of writing reports and taking orders manually on paper.


Valomnia offers to your sales reps a digital catalog with high res images that highlight your products details and fabric materials with all color and size declinations. It gives them a real time access to stock and promotions per product and per client category.
Valomnia’s digital catalog allows your sales reps to take orders and pre-orders even in off-line mode.


Manage your orders and pre-orders

With Valomnia you can access information related to orders and pre-orders and filter results easily with the different attributes (payment method and status, delivery status, amount of the order, etc.). The solution allows your sales reps and van sellers to generate orders via their mobile devices even in off-line mode and to send them later via email to the Back-Office.


Cloud / Mobile CRM

Valomnia helps you mange your clients easily and group them into categories in order to effectively implement your sales strategies. Your sales reps can access to all information relating to clients (order history, contact details, taken orders, GPS location,etc.)


Monitor your sales team in the field

Valomnia Helps your teams acknowledge their position in terms of their objectives and therefore identify the actual number of visits and turnover achieved against assigned objectives.


Configurable Price Quote

Valomnia allows you to group your clients into categories and configure pricing per client and per client category. You can also manage taxes and promotions per item, per item group, per client and per client category (tax-exempt) on several countries.


Merchandising and Customer Satisfaction Surveys

With Valomnia your merchandisers can send visits reports and customer satisfaction surveys directly from the mobile device. They can also report key marketing information through configurable questionnaires and perform audits on products planograms and POS advertising.