Order Management

An Omnichannel Solution for Tomorrow's Order-to-Cash Challenges

With Oracle Order Management Cloud, you can manage orders from all your channels to get a single view of your customers, orchestrate all your order-to-cash processes, and proactively resolve exceptions.

Order Management


Omnichannel Order-to-Cash Management


Order Capture

Capture, configure, and price orders. Let your users easily configure the system to meet your changing business needs.


Single Face to Customer

Leverage your current IT investments and consolidate quotes and orders from all your channels and existing systems.


End-to-End Capability

Automate, monitor, and manage the process from order capture, to settlement, to post-sales care.


Order Orchestration and Visibility


Preseeded Processes

Enable drop-ships, back-to-back, capable-to-promise, configure-to-order, and more, while tailoring new processes to meet your needs.


Touchless Orchestration

Define and execute order fulfillment processes for products as well as services on the same order.


End-to-End Visibility

Get updates on orders, inventory, shipments, planned supply, and invoices, and improve the quality of decisions through in-context analytics.


Exception Resolution



Keep tabs on fulfillment tasks and resolve issues before they affect customer commitments.


What-If Analysis

View and evaluate various options before picking the best one.


Order Changes

Define and enforce rules for changing orders.


Price Management


Market Segmentation


Profile Customers

Use attributes of the customer to describe their buying behavior.


Define Market Segments

Take characteristics of customers, product, and buying context to identify market segments.


Strategize for Optimal Pricing

Create pricing strategies to decide under which circumstances to vary price to achieve best returns.


Price Management


Manage Pricing Rules

Develop, manage, and deploy dynamic pricing rules through a flexible, easy-to-use price administration feature set.


Model Complex Pricing Scenarios

Leverage broad extensibility tools to create pricing processes tailored to business practices.


Reduce Administration Costs

Rapidly implement pricing changes to meet business objectives.


Centralized Pricing and Governance


Deliver Accurate, Real-Time Pricing

Rapidly execute pricing rules to deliver dynamic, accurate pricing across your enterprise.


Protect Profitability and Enforce Policy

Define pricing guidelines to manage profitability, discounting discipline, and compliance.


Ensure Consistency Across Sales Channels

Easily integrate pricing across sales channels with a flexible, service-based architecture.




Simplify the Configuration of Complex Solutions


Capture Configuration Selections with Dynamic User Interface

Oracle Configurator Cloud's dynamic runtime user interface provides an intuitive user experience to help choose the best product options for your customer's needs. As each option is selected, it is interactively validated by the Oracle Configurator Cloud's constraint engine. Options that become invalid can be dynamically hidden or shown as invalid based on the user interface's display condition rules. Images can be used for option selections in place of standard controls, and visualization elements can be added to further portray the product being configured.


Solve the Configuration at Any Point ("Finish It for Me")

Using the constraint engine's AI-solver capability, customers can make a minimal set of selections in the runtime user interface and let Oracle Configurator Cloud make the remaining selections. Remaining selections are determined based on the engine's built-in heuristics or by rules defined for this purpose in the configurator modeling environment.


View Real-Time Pricing as a Product is Configured

During product configuration, prices for the selections are displayed within the configuration user interface, enabling the user to make decisions about the selections based on this information. As options are selected, they are added to the optional running summary along with their prices and total price.


Streamline Product Configuration


Inbuilt Product Configuration

Oracle Configurator Cloud is the only configurator seamlessly integrated with Oracle Order Management Cloud and supplies all aspects of the configuration rules, user interaction, and order capture to match customer requirements to the best possible solution. Configuration and validation services ensure that only valid product configurations are built, which eliminates order errors and the associated cost of rework.


Support for Transactional Item Attributes

As part of a runtime configuration session, attribute values can be determined or set that need to be carried downstream as part of the configure-to-order flow. Known as transactional item attributes, the values for these attributes can only be set using Oracle Configurator Cloud.


Integration Services for Fulfillment Execution

Oracle Configurator Cloud provides the validations and order line creation for configurations captured via other sources, such as Oracle CPQ Cloud, to automate the order-to-production process to reduce overall sales cycle times.


Ensure Model Continuity Across Your Quote-to-Cash Process


Embeddable User Interface for Integration with Other Order Capture Applications

Take advantage of the power of Oracle Configurator Cloud in your third-party quoting and/or order capture application by embedding the Oracle Configurator Cloud runtime user interface directly into your applications.


Make Product Configuration Changes Across the Quote-to-Cash Process

Start a new configuration session in your order capture application and restore the configuration to make changes or revise the order as necessary in a later phase in the process.


Seamless Integration with Oracle Order Capture Cloud Applications

Leverage preintegration with both Oracle Order Management Cloud and Oracle CPQ Cloud to provide a seamless user experience across the quote-to-cash process.


Global Order Promising


Identify the Best Supply Source


Leverage Your Supply Network

Simulate and compare potential supply sources including the capability to buy, make, or transfer items to meet demand.


Utilize Current and Future Supply

Save the sale by scheduling inbound supply, material, and capacity to meet demand when not enough on-hand inventory is available.


Reduce Fulfillment Costs

Use zone-based and profitable-to-promise sourcing assignments to find the supply with the lowest landed cost that can meet demand.


Schedule Complex Fulfillment


Ship or Deliver Items Together

Schedule multiple order line items so they will ship together or will arrive on the same date when shipped from multiple locations.


Schedule Configure-to-Order Items

Adjust supply sources, lead times, and on-hand availability based on the model options ordered.


Manage Drop-Ship and Back-to-Back Orders

Drop ship items directly from the supplier to the customer, or trigger a purchase order to fulfill each sales order for back-to-back items.


Anticipate and Manage the Backlog


Preserve Local Supply

Source long-term orders from upstream capacity, saving local stock for short lead-time orders.


Allocate Scarce Supply

Reserve a fixed amount or percentage of available supply to a particular customer, channel, or geography.


Reschedule the Backlog

Review and reschedule in-process and backlogged orders by priority based on the latest supply availability.