Mobile Van-Sales App

A Mobile Cloud solution designed to improve Van-sellers & merchandisers‘ Operational Efficiency and help you manage teams in the field, centralizing Real time key information in a unique platform.

Sell and Deliver Directly to Retailers

Valomnia DSD allows your Van Sellers to perfrom sales and deliveries tasks simultaneously and therefore reduce to zero the order to delivery time. 


Manage Stock in Real Time on Your Trucks and Warehouses

Valomnia offers a real time visibility over stock mouvements, loading and unloding operations and real time inventory state in your trucks & warehouses


Manage Pre-Orders, Orders & Invoices

With Valomnia you can access informations relating to orders and pre-orders and filter results easily with the differents attributes (payment method and status, delivery status, amount of the order, etc.) and then convert them to invoices. The solution allows your sales reps and vansellers to generate orders, pre-orders and invoces via their mobile devices even in off-line mode and then save them and send them via email to the Customer.


Improve Vansellers’ Productivity in the Field

Control your van-sellers and sales reps performance by receiving check in and check out notifications, setting sales and delivery objectives and comparing realisations against expectations through different KPIs.
Valomnia allows you to manage and analyse reasons behind incomplete tasks by your men in the field (non taken orders, returns, etc).


Routes & Visits Planning

With valomnia you can optimize your vansellers’ routes and plan their visits. Valomnia allows you to arrange your clients by routes and to schedule teams in the field s’ daily planning, specifying the number of clients and the visits order they should follow per route and per employee.

Valomnia helps you to track employees’ progression and communicate with them in real time through notifications.