Marketing Automation


Transform B2B Sales and Marketing with Award-Winning Marketing Technology and Expertise

Target and segment your B2B database, launch engaging campaigns, read Digital Body Language, convert sales, and analyze results. Make the dream of account-based marketing a reality.


Cross-Channel Orchestration


Orchestrate B2C Engagement with Personalization and Scale Across Every Digital Channel

Move far beyond simple B2C email campaigns. Optimize digital marketing with personalization at scale across mobile, social, and email with integrated intelligence and brand consistency.


Data Management Platform


Organize and Activate Data to Personalize Marketing Campaigns and Customer Experience

Turn data into action with the leading marketing data management platform. Connect channels, audiences, and media partners across mobile, social, display ad, and web experiences.


Content Marketing


Deliver the Right Content at the Right Time to the Right Person on the Right Channel

Plan, produce, and deliver personally engaging content across multiple personas and social channels. Increase engagement, advocacy, and sales for a better bottom line.


Social Marketing


Simplify Social Marketing with an Integrated Modern Marketing Solution

Introduce social to the rest of your integrated marketing using powerful social technologies. Listen to social conversations, engage with customers, publish relevant content, and analyze data.


Testing & Optimization


Organize and Activate Data to Personalize Marketing Programs and Customer Experience

Run simple A/B testing and super-complex multivariate testing. Track and analyze customer behavior across all channels. Sharpen your personalization. Gain customer insights like never before.


Oracle Cloud Marketplace


Spend More Time Innovating and Less Time Integrating with Hundreds of Pre-Integrated Apps

Oracle Marketing AppCloud integrates functionality and powers the innovation of Modern Marketers by connecting hundreds of leading apps to our open marketing cloud platform.