Future-Ready Logistics

With constant advancements in technology, changing consumer expectations are leading to increasingly complex supply chains. Ensure compliance and reduce logistics costs for more customer-centric fulfillment with Oracle's integrated warehouse, transportation, and global trade management.

Transportation Management


Transportation Planning


Shipment Optimization Across All Modes

Determine the best way to fulfill transportation needs, from simple point-to-point to complex multimodal, multileg, and cross-dock operations.


Best Rates

Streamline the process in securing and completing bids, and efficiently plan inbound, outbound, and interfacility orders by collaborating with logistics service providers and shipping partners.


Effective Shipping Plans

Identify historical shipping patterns and determine optimal asset utilization via efficient lane combinations of freight or cooperative routes.


Transportation Execution


Productivity Maximized with Automated Processes

Proactively manage the lifecycle of orders and shipments through automated milestone monitoring.


Inefficient and Redundant Settlement Procedures Eliminated

Consolidate and execute transportation orders from multiple sources, and automate freight auditing, billing, and payment.


Performance Measurement and Trend Monitoring

Make better supply chain decisions by providing greater insight into both internal operations and trading partner performance.


Fleet Management


Fleet-Specific Planning and Optimization

Incorporate the current state of the fleet in the planning and optimization process to fully utilize fleet resources with consideration of external carrier capabilities.


Integrated Environment for Visibility and Coordination

Manage all orders and shipments in one system that considers all available fulfillment capabilities, including contract and private transportation.


Financial Performance Measured and Controlled

Leverage capabilities for costing, payables, billables, cost accruals, revenue recognition, and claim and dispute management.


Logistics Network Modeling


Impact of Change and Disruption

Perform detailed what-if scenario modeling based on the operational details of your existing transportation network, and obtain highly accurate results.


Prebuilt Dashboards and Operational Metrics

Compare results side by side to determine the best course of action.


Global Trade Management


Global Trade and Compliance


Centralized Regulatory Compliance

Mitigate financial risk by identifying and managing licensing, exceptions, and other government agency requirements.


Improved Security with Restricted Party Screening

Properly screen transactions for restricted parties, sanctions, and embargos for both imports and exports.


Accurate Estimate of Landing Costs

Gain financial visibility into your extended supply chain costs including transportation and handling fees, insurance, duties, and taxes.


Transition from Analysis to Action

Monitor metrics against business targets, benchmarks, and forecasts with configurable dashboards.


Customs Management


Global Visibility and Management

Produce, revise, and track the documents required for clearing customs.


Fines and Penalties

Reduce fines and penalties with more accurate electronic filing and broker communication.


Effective Partner and Customer Collaboration

Automate customs filing procedures, and share documents with your forwarders, customers, and brokers.


Trade Agreements


Duty Spend Savings

Identify eligibility for trade agreements and compare savings.


Supplier Information and Documents

Create campaigns to solicit information and documents from suppliers.


Certificate Tracking and Management

Track certificates of origin and share them with customs or your brokers.


Warehouse Management


Modern Warehousing


Next-Generation Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Leverage the secure, scalable, and flexible WMS, built for the cloud.


Customer Centric Fulfillment

Support multichannel demand and execution processes so customers can buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere, and return anywhere.


Global Inventory Visibility

Achieve complete visibility into inventory from distribution centers down to the store shelf.


Intelligent Dashboards Enable Real-Time Analysis

Leverage reporting, alerting, and scheduling capabilities, and gain insights on warehouse throughput and operations.


Yard Management


Yard and Trailer Management

Manage yard locations and trailers including complete traceability of arrival and departure times.


Facility Throughput Improvement

Improve coordination of yard-to-dock movements.


Better Supply Chain Visibility

View trailer location and inventory contents from in-transit, to yard, to dock door.


Warehouse Workforce Management


Goal Times

Set material handling goal times for warehousing tasks and value-added service activities.


Performance Tracking and Measurement

Manage and track workforce operations including start, break, and end times, and measure task completion by cost center, work area, or process type.


Labor Productivity

Compare goals to actuals to better manage your workforce and maximize the efficiency of warehouse and in-store operations.


Warehouse Management Automation


Growth and High Volumes

Effectively connect and integrate various types of material handling equipment (MHE) to easily support message configuration, routing instructions, and pick confirmation.


Fast Customer Service

Increase scalability of warehouse operations, and meet fulfillment needs during demand spikes.