Blockchain Applications

Oracle Blockchain Applications

Oracle is the first company to create easy-to-use, SaaS-based blockchain applications to help businesses achieve significant benefits including enhanced security, improved traceability, and streamlined consensus.

Oracle blockchain applications are purpose-built and ready to use so you can improve business processes all across the value chain. Using Oracle’s blockchain applications you can improve and verify product quality, speed product delivery, execute contracts easily, and improve customer satisfaction.

Oracle blockchain applications run on Oracle Blockchain Platform which is preassembled for secure transaction processing and trusted identity management using an industry-standard hyperledger fabric foundation.

Built for Business


Blockhain Platform

Oracle offers an easier way to adopt blockchain and transform your enterprise with the industry’s most comprehensive and enterprise grade blockchain platform. Oracle Blockchain Platform securely extends your business processes and applications while enabling you to process business transactions much faster.

Preassembled Managed Service

A fully managed cloud platform for rapid provisioning and simplified administration of blockchain networks.

Includes all components: infrastructure dependencies, Hyperledger Fabric components, RESR proxy, and operational console.

Easy partner onboarding with preintegrated, built-in identity verification.



Built on open source Hyperledger Fabric software.

Interoperatable with non-Oracle Hyperledger Fabric instances deployed in your date center or third-party clouds.

Accessible from on primises using RESR API and Fabric SDK


Plun-an-Play Integrations

Rapidly integrate Oracle SaaS, on-premises applications, and third-party applications using Oracle Integration. 

Includes our-of-box API integration for Oracle FLEXCUBE Core Banking, NetSuite ERP, and Oracle Banking API platform.

Easily integrate applications via REST APIs with tooling for API lifecycle management. 


Enterprise Grade

The industry most comprehensive blockchain cloud platform, managed by Oracle. 

Built-in, high availability, and continuous backup or archiving for multidata center disaster recovery.

Enhanced security with data-at-rest encryption, certificate revocation management, and role-based identity management.

Achieve a higher throughput with parallel execution in the world's #1 database, using record-level locking.


Automated Operations 

Administration and operations: autoprovisions all components and dependencies, integrated identity management, embedded backup, auto recovery, and monitoring.

Security monitoring and management: adaptive intelligence-enabled cyberthreat detection and remediation, automatic data encryption in transit and at rest, automatic zero downtime security patching.


Expertise and Experience

Oracle offers deem-domain industry experience to help you implement new blockchain solutions or integrate existing applications.

Support from Oracle Blockchain Platform experts to help prototype and bootstrap customer projects. 

Desugn and implementation expertise available through Oracle Consulting and partners trained on Oracle Blockchain Platform. 


Oracle Blockchain Featured Applications


Oracle Intelligent Track & Trace

Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace is a prebuilt blockchain application that seamlessly connects with Oracle SaaS and PaaS as well as other cloud and on-premises third-party applications. It provides end-to-end visibility into multienterprise supply chain networks, enabling asset owners to track and trace things of value to achieve faster results and establish trust between participating trading partners.


Oracle Product Lineage and Provenance

Verify the origin and authenticity of a product as it moves throughout the value chain and automatically capture information about all transformations of a product including pedigree, serialization, and genealogy. This results in auditable visibility and traceability of a product.


Oracle Intelligent Cold Chain

Monitor the condition of goods from the manufacturer all the way to point of sale. Improve safety with a full track-and-trace solution for food and pharmaceuticals that require cold storage. Deliver reactive and predictive alerts of excursions with recommendations and root cause analysis to lower risk and realize full transparency with auditable trail of all events.


Oracle Warranty Usage and Tracking

Track product usage of high-value assets for rental, warranty, service, and insurance. Provide undisputable records for rented/leased product usage tracking and deliver an auditable and verifiable log of product usage for warranty and liability claims, resulting in reduced legal liabilities and increased customer satisfaction.