Analytics Cloud

Oracle Analytics Cloud empowers business analysts and consumers with modern, AI-powered, self-service analytics capabilities for data preparation, visualization, enterprise reporting, augmented analysis, and natural language processing/generation.

Self-Service Data Discovery

A world-class visualization product must meet four criteria: it must be easy to use, have striking visual appeal, access data from governed as well as personal sources, and enable sophisticated analytics that can be shared broadly across your community of consumers.


Augmented Analytics

Oracle powers deeper insights by embedding machine learning and AI into every aspect of the analytics process, making your job easier than ever. We employ smart data preparation and discovery to enhance your overall experience. Natural language processing (NLP) and natural language generation (NLG) power modern, conversation-style analytics.


Natural Language

People don’t speak like computers. Yet we turn to them for quick answers to make the best possible decisions. Oracle aims to eliminate the need to translate your questions to accommodate how analytics systems work. With NLP and NLG, you can ask your questions and get answers quickly and with more clarity.


Analytics Dashboards

All organizations want to enable interactive access to personalized information based on who we are and what we do. Dashboards aggregate content from a variety of sources and systems, present you with a personalized view of the data, and let you fully interact with that data in a single, integrated experience.


Mobile Exploration

Businesses need information when and where they need it. That requires the ability to ask questions and get answers on a mobile device. Powered by AI, mobile BI learns what you’re interested in—when and where you’re interested in it—and who you want to share and collaborate with.


Integrated Data Preparation

Data preparation always takes more time than planned and organizations can’t analyze data until it’s ready. That’s why Oracle believes data preparation and analysis are inseparable. Data preparation augments, enhances, heals, and creates richer data sets that improve insights and sharpen your understanding of the world you work in.


Data Connectors

Data is the lifeblood of every organization. Access to data, regardless of the source or location, is essential. Oracle ensures you have access to hybrid data—whether it’s on premises, in the cloud, or on your desktop—from leading applications and data stores. More access to more data produces richer, more diverse analytics.


Collaboration and Publishing

To take full advantage of your data, you need to easily share results with anyone, and collaborate smartly across teams to refine analytics content. Harness everyone’s collective wisdom to drive insights that lead to quick action and the best possible outcomes.


Governed Enterprise Analytics

Trusted data is the foundation for any enterprise analytics and BI program. Yet, you also need freedom to combine and explore other sources of data to uncover new perspectives on performance. Leverage prebuilt analytic data models that conform to your security regimen with other sources of data to enable freedom of analysis within a governance framework.


Embedded Analytics

Analysis delivered in context of a business process is extremely valuable. Which is why organizations often need to embed analysis within another application, publish content within a webpage, or enable interactions from a chatbot. Embedded analytics enable you to put your data at the optimal point of impact.


Enterprise Architecture and Security

Organizations want the freedom of self-service analytics coupled with a governance framework that delivers trusted, scalable data and analytics. The architecture and security model supporting Oracle Analytics manages those needs and allows you to tailor the system to your organization’s requirements for connectivity, authentication, and processing capacity. While not readily visible to your consumers, it’s the critical infrastructure that runs your system.


Predictive Analytics

You need simple, one-click actions along with powerful machine learning (ML) models to predict results and better understand your data. To help you deploy sophisticated analytics to everyone in your organization, Oracle Analytics is focused on embedding, consuming, and training ML models to enrich your data preparation, discovery, and collaboration.